About Christian Kitchen Outreach




A Charitable Organization

CKO is a Florida not-for-profit corporation,
having a tax exempted recognition as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code.


Our Mission Statement

Drawing all people in need to Jesus Christ and God's Kingdom by providing a meal to sustain their bodies and the Bread of Life to feed their spirits.


Our Purpose

To acquire, prepare and distribute nutritious food at no charge to the impoverished and needy people whether locally, nationally or globally with our initial emphasis on Collier County, Florida.



A Word from Our Director

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, Family,
Friends, Colleagues, Neighbors and Benefactors:

Since our inception in 2009, many churches have expressed a sincere interest in the Supper with Jesus® Program; but they either: (a) do not have any kitchen facilities (most instances); (b) have a non-commercial kitchen (precluding our use); or, (c) the kitchen is non-operational and too expensive to finish.  We have also found it difficult to maintain good food safety standards when using someone else's kitchen.  And the saddest fact, the most needy (the homeless or extremely impoverished) are unable to get to our Supper and Christian Service location(s).

After much prayer and throughtful consultation, we believe God's will is for CKO to GO MOBILE. We’ve spent several months investigating the acquisition of a completely self-contained, fully-equipped mobile kitchen truck.

With our own mobile kitchen truck, CKO could go to any church or other location, such as a remote homeless camp or improvished neighborhood, and prepare meals to feed the needy while preaching the Good News of God's Kingdom!!!  We would also be able to provide disaster relief assistance by feeding and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hurricane, flood, wildfire and/or tornado victims. All this, while maintaining good food safety standards.  Glory Be to God!!!

A brand new mobile kitchen truck could cost as much as $300,000.00 or even more!!! More truck than we need at this time.  So, we looked into other resources including concession conversion companies.

These vendors would be able to convert either a used step (box) van or Class A motor coach into a fully equipped mobile kitchen truck, all customized to CKO's needs and specifications. More importantly, it would meet all Florida governmental health and food safety codes and regulations. 

Depending on the age, type, condition and size of the step van or motor coach to be acquired, CKO would be looking at a total purchase price in the range of $75,000.00 - $90,000.00. 

Most important, we would be able to prepare and serve up to 500 meals a day to those in need!!  With this type of capacity, we would also be able to prepare meals at one location while distributing and serving meals at other locations.

As good as it may sound, CKO just doesn't have the funds. As you may be aware, we are a 100% volunteer only charitable organization. No one receives a salary.  And since CKO is a ministry that unashamedly preaches the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the needy and un-churched, it cannot accept any government subsidies.

Therefore, we are seeking God's favor in this matter.  If you believe in CKO's mission, its ministry and commitment to doing God's will, then please help us. We need the financial soldiers of God's army to bring His people back to Him!!  Whatever you can give, it is a gift from God. No gift for the KIngdom work is too big or too small. And yes, your donation is currently tax deductible.

So, if you have any questions, or if you have either a step van or truck with a 22-28 foot box, Class A motorcoach, or similar truck, in good condition that you want to donate to CKO, please either email us at michael.baviello@christiankitchenoutreach.org  or call me directly at (239) 653-7960.  Most importantly, please donate today.
Thank you and may God bless you.

Michael A. Baviello Jr.
Executive Director


Your help is very much appreciated. Donations to Christian Kitchen Outreach are tax deductible.

We are committed to transparency and we are registered with the IRS. See our review at GuideStar.org.

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