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    the Call
    Feeding the Hungry
    & Nourishing Souls
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    We're taking
    dinner to the people!
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    Delivering aid
    to victims of
    natural disasters
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    the impoverished


Christian Kitchen Outreach

Supper with Jesus ®

Nothing says "we care" quite like a good home cooked meal when someone is down. Our team has been trained to prepare and serve food in safe and delicious ways. Best of all, we truly care about those we serve. Not only do we offer a satisfying meal to those in need, but we minister to spiritual hunger too – through the love of Jesus.

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Goin' Mobile

Help us take our kitchens on the road to meet the needs of the needy on-site. Many people don't have the ability to travel. Check out our prototype for taking the kitchen to the people to feed the needy among us.

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Relief Campaigns

We minister to the impoverished and the homeless when and where needs arise. Whether it's a storm ravaged area where homes have been destroyed, or a region of extreme poverty such as in the mountains of Guatamala, we are there.

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